A New Drug Injection Could Reverse Hearing Loss

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Credit: Will Mac Lean
Our every sense organ is very, very sensitive. It requires utmost care and protection to prevent them from any sorts of damage, but these sense organs tend to retard with aging. The sense of hearing too follows the same rule and science have revealed that the hair present in our ears also adds to our ability to hear.

It has been scientifically proven that every human born on this planet has almost around 15,000 hair cells in each ear and these hairs are not similar to those hairs present on our head and all other parts of the body that they will grow again when they are lost in due course of time. These hair cells if they gets lost, they are a lost forever.

The story does not end hear, many consequences are connected with this loss of hair inside our ears. If any kind of damage is incurred on these utterly sensitive hair cells it will affect your ability to hear and more gruesome effects will eventually result in complete inability to hear. A survey that was recently done reported that this problem is mostly felt in Americans these days. Almost 45 million Americans are suffering due the loss of their hair cells present inside their ears. Several esteemed doctors from all parts of the world are trying to find out a remedy to this problem. Many researches have been undertaken in this regard but no ultimate remedy was discovered.

One of the senior author, from the David H. Kich Institute professor at MIT declared that unable to hear due to aging is a serious problem and there are many who are reeling under this illness. A sound remedy to this problem is a real need and many new approaches are being carried in this regard. So, people can be saved from the terrible consequences of inability to hear.

An entirely separate team is working to resolve this problem as soon as possible. They have actually taken the task of growing new cells of the hair and they came to a conclusion that they can actually create huge quantity of intestinal cells and will then differentiate them.

They tried this same experiment in developing cells from the cochlea of a mouse and they discovered that they can also create a large juncture of progenitor cells that will remain immature and now they are actually proceeding on a happy note in their experiment where they have founded the solid ground on which they can rest their discovery i.e. they have evolved a foundation of cells that are solid and then they infused a different set of molecules that completed their research by provoking these molecules to turn into hair cells.

They further added that they only promoted the growing up of these cells that would support the entire process and then will naturally signal those cells to grow up into hair cells.

This process was accepted by many medical organizations and this has lead to the formation of a company known as Frequency Therapeutics which has given license to this technology.

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