Doctors Issue New Year Detox Health Warning

We have heard that almost everyone after having a heavy intake of calories during occasions or festival season opt for the process of detoxification in order to flush out all the waste from their body. This urge is especially felt amongst women. Doctors and dieticians have warned people against the ill effects of ‘detox’. Recent researches have projected that several women after going through the process of detoxification have undergone severe health issues which can even risk their life.

Detoxification relates to the process relating to herbal solutions for your health along with consuming too much of water. This is not a desired way of getting released from all the toxins which gets accumulated in your body after consuming alcohol or junk foods in huge quantity. It is not a healthy way to stay healthy. It seems very tempting and beneficial but it is not.

This reminds me of an incident where my neighbor who opted for this remedy but after a while she started to suffer from drastic health problems which made her seriously unfit and was thus admitted to a nearby hospital. Though, she finally recovered but the troubles she used to face regarding her health was traumatic and she still gets terrified to speak about it.

It is most commonly found that detoxification is pursued in the beginning of New Year as it is considered as a way to wash out all the excesses of Christmas from one’s body. But, the process is life threatening as we found in the above mentioned incident.

People opting for detox are made to drink a mocktail consisting of several herbs and some other remedies include:

  • Milk thistle 
  • I-theanine 
  • Molkosan 
  • Valerian Root 
  • Glutamine
  • Vervain 
  • Vitamin B Compound
They also made them drink lots of water, green tea and sage tea for many days.

Some of the symptoms include that the patients can collapse and can have a seizure. The level of sodium gets reduced in the body.

Researches have shown that once a man who had anxiety and also had seizures due to less amount of salt in the body was subjected to detoxification and the intensity of his illness increased after going as it included consuming of things like

  • Valerian Root 
  • Passion Flower 
  • Chamomile 
  • Passion Flower 
  • Hops
  • Lemon Balm
The current market of medicines in UK is very familiar to all and has introduced many beneficial medicines. Those who are still unfamiliar with the contemporary medicines opt for ‘detox’.

It is a wrong belief that excessive intake of water or fluid leads to purification of our by cleaning all the wastes. We should be careful enough in buying natural products as all of them are not free from side-effects. The entire process of detoxification is bull shit. There aren’t any tablets or health drinks that can completely make you free from toxins and drinking excessive water can prove out to be very dangerous. Moreover,our body has been bestowed with several organs like liver, kidney and gut that is capable of purifying you entirely.

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