Tips and tricks to crack Quant Section of CAT


Master your basics if you need to clear quant section of CAT 2016. All the tricks to conquer quants of CAT 2016 revolves around the basics of quantitative aptitude. Once you are done with the basics, set yourself to solve previous year CAT question papers. In the quant section of CAT, questions are formed from the topics such as number system, geometry, simple and compound Interest, profit and loss, quadratic & linear equation, algebra, permutation and combination, ratio & proportion, time & work and trigonometry. Time management is the most important factor in the preparation strategy of CAT 2016. Without time management, you will not be able to cover all the portions which you should, in order to get high scores in CAT exam.

Quant is one such sections that can get your score up easily if you have a strong quantitative base and proper amount of practice. You can as well solve the practice papers in real exam mode i.e. by setting the time limit and atmosphere like actual CAT exam. Quant is all technical and so, there is no theoretical portion to learn or to grasp. Quant is all about formulas and practice. Solving questions of different kind can give you an idea about the application of correct formulas or theorems instantly and it ultimately helps in saving the time during the paper.

Tips and Tricks

You can try out following tips and tricks to tackle with quants section of CAT 2016:

  • Build up your basic concepts
    First and foremost, thing is to build up your basic knowledge of quantitative ability concepts. Only this can help you in solving more questions in less time. You must not skip any topic with the mind that I can skip the questions based on a particular topic. Each section is equally important and crucial. You must at least have the basic knowledge of each section so that no question goes out without an attempt 
  • Prefer a planned approach
    Make a schedule according to the CAT syllabus. Pinpoint your weak and strong areas and allot the time accordingly. Give more time or days to the weaker sections of the CAT 2016 and relatively less time to the stronger areas. With unplanned approach, it sometime happens that you miss out some of the topics or sections, but with a planned approach you can keep record of all the sections you have prepared and the ones which are still left out 
  • Watch out for Data Interpretation
    It usually happens that students take data interpretation very lightly and don’t give ample time to the said section. But this can be proved as a huge mistake, as the particular section of data interpretation needs relatively more time and practice than any other sub-section of quant in CAT 2016. So, give more time to DT even if you feel you need not to. Solve as much questions of data interpretation as you can, brush up your concepts of data interpretation. 
  • Shortcuts are superficial
     There is no shortcut to help you out in quants. Only shortcut to solve quants is clear concepts and practice work. Only strong concepts and practice work can help you out in solving questions without wasting much time during CAT 2016. Practicing all types of question gives you an insight about the nature of question and that helps you in applying the right formula and in solving the question without wasting much time. So, forget shortcuts and sharpen your mind 
  •  Little black book of learning
    Jot down anything and everything you find useful. You can make a little diary of any important formula or concept which you feel important and that there is a need for you to remember that particular formula or concept. Keep revising those notes whenever you find time to. This little black of learning can prove to be of a great help in sharpening your knowledge of formulas, concepts and definitions 
  •  Previous year papers
    Solving previous year papers is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for quants section of CAT 2016. This can give you a clear idea about the type and level of questions that are asked in CAT exam. Along with that, solving previous year papers can let you calculate the time you take to solve one question. And so, you can practice and improve your speed of solving questions. Sometimes, it happens that we do prepare and practice a lot but not in the right direction. This direction to solve right level and kind of questions that are asked in CAT 2016 is given by previous year papers 
  •  No scope for stress
    Taking stress of syllabus and time is not going to help you in any way. Stay focused and keep your cool so that your mind can concentrate completely on the preparation of quants. Stress can create confusion for you in the application of right formula at the right time, which is a very important factor while dealing with quants section of CAT 2016.

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