Making Babies Without Eggs May Be Possible, Say Scientists

No women no cry literally

Researchers say that early experiments indicate that one that in the future it will be likely to make babies without the help of eggs. They have been successful in creating fit and healthy baby mice by fooling sperm to believe that they were given normal eggs to fertilise. In Nature Communications, researchers say that the findings possibly mean that in the future to come, women can be excluded from the process of making babies. As for now, the tests help to describe some of the facts of the process of fertilisation.

End of mum and dad? 

Scientists from the University of Bath began their experiment with an unfertilised egg. With the help of chemicals, they tricked it to form into a pseudo-embryo.These false embryos have a lot in common as compared to ordinary cells, like skin cells and the process of division and controlling their DNA.

The researchers articulated that if sperms could be injected into mice pseudo-embryos could create healthy babies, and then someday it could be possible to accomplish an identical result with regards to humans using those cells which are not from eggs. In the experiments conducted on mouse, the chance of accomplishing a successful pregnancy out of four was one.

One the researchers Dr Tony Perry told the website of BBC News that this is the very first time that somebody has been able to demonstrate something else other than an egg could possibly associate with a sperm in this way to fertilise and form a foetus. It upends just about 200 years of thoughtfulness. The mice babies were born healthy, and had usual life anticipation and also had healthy babies of their own.


The aim of the researchers is to comprehend the exact process of fertilisation because what clearly happens when an egg is fused with a sperm yet stands questionable. For instance, the egg totally shreds the DNA of the sperm of all its chemical bondings and re adds them to it. That inhibits the sperm to behave like one and makes it perform like an embryo, but what is not clear is how there is a change in costume.

 There could be a larger impact on society due to the removal of an egg. According to Dr Perry in the future far far away one possibility is that it could be possible that the body’s ordinary cells can be united with a sperm so that an embryo can be formed. This is to say, two men can have a child with one being the donor for an ordinary cell while the other can donate the sperm.

Or even a single man could be the donor for both his own cells and a sperm and have his own child being like more of a non-identical twin rather than a clone. Dr Perry stresses on the fact that such situations at the present are yet dicey and fanciful. In China earlier this year, researchers were able to create sperms from stem cells which then combine with the egg to form healthy mice.

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