Surgical Handpieces Have a Helping Hand

Surgeons rely on quality surgical handpieces for precision results during all types of surgical procedures. One of the most important types of handpieces is the phaco, used by eye surgeons to produce the best results during optical procedures. Because the eye is such a sensitive area of the body, it is necessary for all the equipment used to operate in perfect order.

Accuracy Always Matters in Repairs

Because of the importance of the task that these instruments are used for, there is no room for error. There are also functions that only a phaco can perform, making it necessary for doctors to make sure that all of these instruments are in the best shape possible. The best choice for repairing these instruments is a repair professional with OEM experience.

Familiarity with Different Brands

A surgical handpiece repair professional will be familiar with the different brands and models of phacos used. Even though every model performs the same function, there will be subtle differences in parts that a professional will need to be familiar with for a successful repair. Prior experience in phaco manufacturing always makes a difference in the quality of a repair.

Repair According to Specifications

In addition to repairing instruments in a timely manner, a professional should repair according to specifications for ISO 13485 and FDA requirements. By having your instruments repaired according to these specifications, you can be assured of compliance with all standards and better quality. Your procedures will have a chance of retaining a good success rate when repair is done the proper way.

Getting Started With a Repair Professional

Once you've found a professional who will repair to your specifications, you'll be able to get the process started fairly quickly. Submitting a work order is the best way to start the process because the repair company will have a better idea of what they are dealing with before your instrument arrives. When you receive your phaco back, it will be as good as new for you to use. The right choice will help ensure the quality of your repair and overall well-being of your patients.

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