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The basic of good health is a balanced diet together with regular exercises that can keep the body fit and in good shape.  One can begin the day with a scheduled fitness program wherein the physical exercise can do wonders to the body and reduce the risk of any chronic ailments. Following a regular plan for exercise helps individuals in reducing excess weight, strengthen muscles, bones, reduces heart ailments and much more.  If a person is suffering from any chronic disease, they should consult their physician before involving in any exercise as a precautionary measure. Regular exercise in strength training for heart disease can do wonders in improving muscle strength and endurance thereby slowing down the disease related to muscles, making it easier to perform the daily routine activities. One can get relief from backaches and pain with regular aerobic exercise which can strength the muscle and its endurance in the overall muscle function. Back muscle and abdominal exercise helps in strengthening the muscles around the spine and reduce the symptoms of any ailments.

Regular exercise also helps in relieving the stiffness in joints in the arthritis patients helping in maintaining muscle strength in the painful joints reducing the stiffness in the affected area. Asthma patients are benefited with regular exercise which helps in controlling the severity and frequency of any asthma attacks. Diabetic patientsindulging in regular exercise are also benefited when the insulin effectively lowers the blood sugar level of the diabetic person.

 Regular exercise should be a daily schedule of one’s life to maintain a healthy `YOU’.  One should set goals in achieving the desired results and not get disappointed on not receiving immediate results.  Walking is one of the most effective exercises besides other workouts which can be done at anytime and at any place. Besides, one gets to enjoy the freshness of the environment while exercising in the natural surroundings of nature and benefit from the same. 

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