A one stop platform for medical researcher and interested donors for cancer treatment has been provided at curelauncher for raising funds and providing the resources needed to aid in the treatment and cure of cancer patients. With a series of treatment undertaken towards recovery, inadequate funds being the most essential elements are an obstacle in the treatment process and often patients find it difficult to cope up with the medical expenses needed. The online community at cureLauncher helps in funding the treatment of these patients. The community helps in siphoning the funds for new treatment and connects the patients to leading medical researchers for their treatment. The donor has the option of directing his funds to the desired treatment which is used for advanced treatment of these patients. They also provide easy to understand information for clinical trials in new medical treatments with the help of clinical trials directory and collaborate with only National Institutes of Health. With their focus to find, fund and cure, they have been giving many patients a new meaning to their life.

 With the formation of this online community it is now easy to connect, fund and launch experimental cancer drugs, new breast cancer treatment, cure patients with quick remedial treatments in a timely manner thereby making it a reality of healthy living. As a token of appreciation all donors with over $25 donation, receives a magnetized pad with a mini magnet. Donation to the cancer researcher however big or small makes a great impact in the life of these patients by providing them the required support of world class medical scientists who are working in the development of life saving drugs for cancer patients and other terminal sickness. The possibility of a live chat is also available should there arise any need for discussion and a quick responses to be done though the option of contacting them through email is also available. Viewers could take a tour at the site and get all updates on featured projects, - new, active and those that are popular, frequently asked questions etc; that are posted at the site.

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