How to lose weight and remain Composed!!!

In a rapidly changing world staying in shape is very important because it allows to work with more energy for longer time with vigor. Health is wealth. Today, there is a mad rush running to gyms and health centers to lose weight quickly. The truth is there is no way to lose weight quickly. It can be achieved only through work and good nutrition.

 Here are some steps to lose weight in a right way and maintaining good body size. If you follow these steps and give a proper diet to eat your bodies lose your excess fat in no time. These steps are listed below:

Step 1 - To lose weight, you must cut down on junk foods (not completely), stop eating and drinking sugary drinks, including diet types. Avoid objects that contain fat. Also, high calorie food should also be avoided.

Step 2 - Eat more fresh healthy foods and whole grain products as it contains essential fibers. The rule is simple, try to get in 2 dessert five fruits and vegetables per day dessert. Make it a point each day to include a good habit like drinking one less can of coke or eating one more serving of fruit.

Step 3 - Eat up to 6 healthy mini meals every day (break up your daily meals into six). This will keep your stomach full amount appropriate. The key here is to eat in controlled portions and never go for that second serve or a super size meal. The reason behind this is that you would be kept away from fattening foods and therefore your bodies will have enough energy required to increase metabolism.

Step 4 - Exercise: weight loss program can never be complete without some form of exercise. The type you choose is up to you but increasing your activity level is one of the best ways to speed up metabolism both during and after exercise. As you become stronger and in better shape, you find that you can add more to your exercise routine for even greater results.

Step 5 - After the meal always walk at least 100 steps. Don’t drink water immediately before and after the meal. Do not exercise immediately after meals and do exercise only after 2-3 hours after the meal. As your fitness improves, increase the intensity levels to challenge your body (but train with your limits). This is a great way to shake up the body's metabolism.

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