Morningside Recovery

Southcoast Recovery of Dana Point which specialized in providing extraordinary treatment and care for the addicted elders of both genders was sadly forced to terminate their service to the needy and it could no longer render its service to the alcoholics, addicts and the dual diagnostic patients having illness such as secondary psychiatric or emotional illness, bi polar disorders. Though they were forced to terminate their service, they are closely working with the Morningside Recovery of Newport Beach, California to effectively rehabilitate their clients during the shutdown. During their transition Morning side recovery kept open all the telephones lines of Southcoast’s for the benefit of their beloved patients. The Morning side counselors continued this process not only for telephone calls, but also for the inquiries from the Southcoast website and they offer them suitable life changing solutions and care. The well qualified medical staffs of the reputed Morningside are continuing the mission of Southcoast successfully and effectively. Within the last ten years Morningside emerges as one of the leading facilities in the world. Morningside have highly qualified full time therapists, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and other clinical staffs. Morningside is continuously researching in their treatment modalities, latest addiction and dual diagnosis research hence they have a tremendous success with the high risk addicted people. To know more about their treatments you can call either 1-866-742-4143 or visit their website.

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