How to Talk to your doctor

Your doctor precious resource not to overlook

During a routine checkup, your doctor may use various methods to assess your condition and determine the risk factors to which you are likely. He may also ask you questions about your lifestyle, especially your physical activity, smoking status and your sex life. But your doctor is not a soothsayer. Many health problems do not track clearly in the space of ten minutes, and your doctor can only observe the signs that appear in his presence. He can not know how you feel or what happened to you in recent weeks.

So if you have symptoms that worry you, make sure to discuss this subject at the medical examination. Or make an appointment to discuss it later. Remember that your doctor will help you or direct you to someone you can consult.

And when the time comes to discuss your concerns, go straight to the point, no matter if your problem seems to you of a particularly intimate or confidential. Although this is a sensitive issue, it is highly likely that it will not be new to your doctor. So do not let your embarrassment paralyze you. Rather than wait until your doctor summarizes his observations, raise the subject at the beginning of the consultation, so it may consider your concerns and devote the necessary time for class discussion.

If your doctor is overloaded or has been delayed and you have the impression that he is too eager to discuss your concerns, ask if a follow-up appointment would be appropriate. If you have a concern that requires immediate attention, speak first. Make him understand its importance to you, and he will arrange to take them into account during its consultation. You should explain why a question tormenting you and it accurately describes your symptoms and their effect.

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