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Think you have a yeast infection? You are tempted to make the diagnosis? But it is important to go see your doctor to have the heart net, especially if this is the first time you have these symptoms.

Symptoms of a yeast infection, there is a vaginal and vulvar itching or pain diffuse a vagina red, inflamed or dry, a thick, white, lumpy, pain during sex or the issuance of urine.

But if you do not hold a medical degree, it would be better than you were asking not your own diagnosis of yeast infection. You could make a serious mistake. In fact, women are commonly misdiagnosed about yeast infections.

Why you should see a doctor?
  •     Many disorders can cause symptoms that resemble those of yeast infections. Some of these disorders, such as urinary tract infections or vaginal bacterial infections, should be identified and treated properly as soon as possible. If you do not consult a doctor, you will not get the treatment you need.
  •     Itching or vaginal irritation may as well be a reaction to a detergent that a sign of menopause in these cases, the treatment that you buy in pharmacies against a yeast infection does give you no relief. In fact, about two thirds of these treatments are purchased by women who do not really need. The abuse of these drugs leads to the development of resistance to their mechanism of action and yeast infections become more difficult to treat.
  •     Your doctor can confirm the presence of a yeast infection through a pelvic exam or a levy in the vagina. You can not do that sort of thing at home. If you really have a yeast infection, your doctor can help you choose the best treatment for you.
  •     Your doctor may watch for the appearance of complications such as secondary infection resulting from the irritation and scratching of the vaginal area.
  •     If you catch yeast infections regularly, you probably think that you have acquired the skills of a specialist when it comes to your own symptoms. But if you feel that you have a lot of yeast infections, you really you go see your doctor. Repeated infections may be a sign of an underlying disorder such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or HIV.

What treatment to use?

What is good is that yeast infections are easily treatable. Antifungal treatments, whether taken orally or applied directly into the vagina, are safe and have a high success rate in terms of healing yeast infections. Visit your doctor to get the right treatment for you.

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