Surgical solutions for Incontinence

Surgery may be recommended for some people to solve their problem of incontinence. 

Many surgeries can be performed to treat urinary incontinence, including:

  •      the establishment of an artificial urinary sphincter (the valve that controls the flow of urine from the bladder) for men;
  •      the suspension of the bladder neck (to lift a fallen bladder);
  •      the correction of an internal anatomical deformation;
  •      injections of collagen or bulky materials (to help strengthen and support the tissues surrounding the urethra);
  •      intervention sling (a strip of fabric is placed under the urethra to provide support him);
  •      Sacral nerve stimulation (a small device is implanted in the lower back, near the sacral nerve, which plays an essential role in transmitting messages to drain the bladder).
Your doctor will discuss solutions that you could choose.

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