Caring for others

Caring for someone with incontinence can be demanding, whether an acquaintance or family member. Developing a management plan - or a routine care - is a method you can take to organize your time and resources to be better able to take care of not only loved, but also of yourself.

For example, if you are out with that person, make sure it was the toilet before leaving home. And take absorbents and wipes with you. Check out where public toilets are easily accessible, and go regularly.

It is also a good idea to establish a routine for the care of cleanliness of your family. You will provide your loved one and the opportunity to signal his need to urinate. Absorbent products for adults may be useful to manage urine leakage, especially at night. Talk to your family when making a decision on the use of a product. Learn more about how to find the right absorbent, so for a woman than a man.

If your family uses a drug against incontinence, make sure you understand the details of its instructions and its conservation. Remember to ask questions about the management of side effects that may occur.

If you are caring for a person who suffered a stroke, nerve damage or neurological damage, you are doing a job that requires monopolizing all your time in some cases. Do not miss to book regular time off, even if it is a few hours over 1 or 2 afternoons a week. Arrange to take advantage of a home help during these little breaks. And exit. Do something different - go for a walk or a movie - to clear your mind. You may need to shop, but do not let them take up all your free time.

Maintaining a healthy addition to that of your family is very important. Find support groups because they can be invaluable. Furthermore, it is essential to know when the time has come to ask for help. Be sure to get the information you need. Do not be afraid to seek clarification from your healthcare provider if you do not know, or if you do not understand something, and remember that no question is unnecessary or "idiot".

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