5 strategies for a worry-free nightout

You are about to put you on your thirty-one for a night on the town? Do not let incontinence spoil your evening! Learn to manage incontinence to have a worry free evening.

You have everything for your night out: the perfect place to book at your favorite restaurant, fellow dream. 

Incontinence should be the least of your worries - do not let it spoil your night of fun! Here are five strategies to be implemented without concern for output:

  • Plan your access to toilets. Familiarize yourself with the site, and you know where you go when the need for the toilet will be felt. You might even try to locate them on the detailed plan of the restaurant before you leave home. If it is not possible, ask where the toilet when you arrive at the restaurant;

  • Take your precautions. Use absorbent products such as underwear, panty liners and towels. They are discreet - if you do not say you wear one of these products, no one will guess - and they can give you a sense of security that you will have a good time throughout the evening. As they come in several styles and models, you should be able to find one that fits the shape of your body and remains undetectable under your favorite dress! Visit the site fr.ca.depend.com for more information on the range of products available. Make sure you have spare underwear to avoid any surprises;

  • Drink in moderation. You should drink 6-8 glasses of fluid per day for proper hydration and health of your bladder and your kidneys. Some drinks can however make the management of incontinence more difficult. To avoid triggering a leak, limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine and soft drinks. Choose water instead;

  • Watch your diet. Some foods may also irritate the bladder. Try to avoid spicy and acidic foods, chocolate, citrus and artificial sweeteners. You should also refrain from consuming food with high salt content, fat, sugar and calories. Not only do these foods are not good for health, but may prevent you from reaching your healthy weight. A healthy body weight plays an important role in the management of bladder problems and maintaining the health of your bladder;

  • Stick to your treatment. When you're out, you leave home, but you do not abandon your treatment! Faithfully follow the treatment plan recommended by your healthcare professional. It has perhaps medication, Kegel exercises, a schedule of toilets, absorbent products or bladder training techniques. By continuing your treatment, you will get the desired effects.

Remember that you can effectively deal with incontinence. Good planning and implementation of some strategies may put the odds in your favor and you can spend a pleasant evening and carefree!

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