Advocacy and awareness for colorectal cancer

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is the largest nonprofit organization of its kind in Canada, and aims to change the lives of people with colorectal cancer and even of the population across the country. The mission of CCA is to raise awareness about colorectal cancer and provide information about the disease, support those who have it and plea for a screening policy and access to treatment Canada.

Every year, throughout the month of March, many people are joining forces with the Canadian Association of colorectal cancer  to promote awareness program for colorectal cancer.

Throughout the year, the
Canadian Association of colorectal cancer conducts outreach and education to help people identify the warning signs and risk factors associated with this devastating condition in order to detect it before it is too late. In addition, the Association provides to people already suffering, information on existing and treatments available shortly and it thus provides every opportunity to defeat this disease.

Canadian Association of colorectal cancer offers free information packages for patients as well as online information and support through its toll-free 1-877-50COLON. The Canadian Association of colorectal cancer has established support groups and a support network for patients and their families to meet their emotional and informational.

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